We have some fabulous new cats to be bringing into are program for 2017 
All PKDEF NN by parentage 
and PRAbengal NN tested or by parentage.

Peaches - Shimmershine Peaches is our first keeper from Dave and Eve . She has the shortest of coats with beautiful contrast , and amazing rosettimg. She is a complete character and always trying to be a parrot ! She is tested as a lynx and dilute carrier 
Like her legendary mother eve , from dazzledots.

Bella - Rakasta Enchantress from Ireland she is a very pretty brown rosetted girl , who also has a really nice head with a great profile and chin depth . She has been tested as an A2 carrier also . Exciting 

Pearl - Shimmershine Pearl Accents is our second keeper out of Dave and from our real special home bred girl bliss . Sadly she had to be spayed , but hopefully Pearl will continue her mothers line . She is tested to carry for Lynx , dilute and melanistic. 

Keira - Shimemrshine WowDiamonds 
this young lady has it all , from coat to type , she's just full package ! She is from winter and blaze and we are over the moon with her . She also carries A2 and Melanistic